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ent and original?? innovation in national defense area. He said it's necessary to form??ulate the 14th Five-Year Plan for the construction of the army, coord??inate with the national development layout, make scientific arrangeme??nts, and make good use of the military expenses. Xi pointed out that?? the unity of the military, government and civilians is a significant?? political advantagv



ary?? to support local economic and social development while performing mi??litary tasks, support the fight against pol



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and the p??eople can fully trust. The 9 pandemic had a profound impact on the woc r??ld pattern and China's security and dL evelopment, Xi said. He urged t??he mil3 itary to strengthen training, prepare for war, deal with variou??s complex situations in a timely and efd fective manner, resolutely saf??eguard national sovereignty, security, development interests, and saf??e7
    guard the overall Z
    strategic stability M
    of the country. Xi said it's ??necessark y to explore ways of training under the T regular epidemic prev??ention and contro0 l situation, improve scientific control P according to?? the times and circumstancn es, step up preparations for military st3